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Thread: Test case for Regression Testing

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    Test case for Regression Testing

    1. What test cases will youu select for regression testing?
    2. How will you do regression testing, if you are having more than 1000 test cases?
    3. Do write a separate test case for Regression Testing? If it is Yes, Explain How to write the Test case?

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    Re: Test case for Regression Testing

    Selection of test cases for regression testing depends on the criticality of bug than the criticality of the defect.

    The test cases for regression testing requires knowledge on the bug fixes and how it affect the system, includes the area of frequent defects,includes the core features of the product which are mandatory requirements of the customer,includes the area which has undergone many/recent code changes.

    If we have more test cases we prioritize them according to
    >test cases for their contribution to Most important Functionality of system.
    >visibility to end user or
    >with previous experience and similar projects Testing experience etc.

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