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Thread: Manual Testing

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    Post Manual Testing

    Hello guys,

    Can anyone send any sample or live project for manual testing,
    I want to know how to test execute manual testing,
    Any sample project in any link,
    Help me that would help for my career.

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    Re: Manual Testing


    Thanks for ur post if u came to know links kindly update me.

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    Re: Manual Testing

    Hi Vimal

    If you just wanted to know about how to do manual testing then I can explain you with simple example.

    Assume that you are assigned with Notepad application.
    First step is you have to analyse the requirements for the Notepad.
    After analysing the requirements you start creating the Test Objectives/scripts.
    1.Verify that system allows the user to open Notepad application.
    2.Verify that minimize,maximize,and clse buttons are available on the titilebar.
    3.Verify that File menu is availableon the menu bar.
    .... and so on.
    Like this you have to create the TO based on the requirements.

    Now Notepad build is availble for Testing from development team, and now you started testing the application using
    your Test objectives.
    If the application behaves as per your valid Test objectives then you can pass the TO and if not you have to fail
    the TO and need to report the bug.

    These are the basic steps in testing,and each company implemented these steps as per their standards.

    Hope this helps..


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    Re: Manual Testing

    Hi Vimal,
    In the manual testing it become important to understand the system and its functionality before starting the testing, so you need to be functional expert. If you are willing to learn manual testing you should first learn about the methodologies that are being used in manual testing.Also try to read about test plan, test cases , and learn about the testing terminology.
    Manual testing is not only just writing a test cases, it is way beyond that, so explore your knowledge in the subject and try to learn as much as you can.


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