Although getting hired for a job does not entirely depend on the quality of your resume, it is still important to submit a proper resume. You donít want to lose a possible job opportunity just because the resume you submitted was poorly-prepared or contains errors. Check out these tips on how to make a resume that makes a positive impact to a potential employer:

Use specific keywords. If you are going to submit your resume online or via e-mail, it is extremely important you use the proper target keywords.

Make it readable. Some job seekers may use elaborate font styles but this isn't recommended simply because it may make the resume tough to read.

Include sample works. If you're applying for a position that entails creative abilities, it is best that you consist of sample works with your resume.

Focus on your strengths. Your resume should show off your greatest skills, your accomplishments, and your strongest points.

Use a cover letter. Regardless of how you strategy to submit your resume- whether online or via post mail, you need to usually include a cover letter. The cover letter or job application letter serves as your formal introduction as you invite a possible employer to take a closer take a look at the next document - your resume.