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Thread: Help!! Is this even possible!!!

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    Help!! Is this even possible!!!

    I'm hoping someone can help me with this.

    I captured a property value using 'CapturePropertyToDataRow' to a column in my data sheet called 'SelectedItemIndex1'. Is it possible for me to use an expression using CheckPropertyValue to verify that the property I'm currently checking is 3 more than the value I captured? For it possible to do the following:

    CheckPropertyValue "selected item index", "[SelectedItemIndex1] + 3"

    I've tried this using various quotes and brackets, thinking that the syntax is wrong, but can't seem to do it. Is what I'm attempting even possible? Any help would be very much appreciated!!!


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    Re: Help!! Is this even possible!!!


    I am not sure if am reading this correct.................

    Your requirement is to capture a property value (say Index for a combo-box) and store within datatable / external sheet. Further you wish to ascertain whether the stored property value is 3 less than the current property value you are capturing.

    If this is the case, you can achieve the same without the CheckPropertyValue usage.

    1) Fetch the propertyvalue you need to compare at runtime using GetROProperty
    2) Store it in a temp variable (if need be convert to Integer using CInt())
    3) Compare the difference between your temp variable and your stored variable using a simple If condition with minus operator
    4) If the difference equals to 3, you have your condition met


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    Re: Help!! Is this even possible!!!

    vVal1 = CInt(DataTable("SelectedItemIndex1, dtglobalsheet)) + 3

    CheckPropertyValue "selected item index", vVal1

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