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Thread: Test Entry Document

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    Test Entry Document

    Anybody have a template for a Test Entry Document?
    Or ideas what should be inside...


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    Re: Test Entry Document


    A Test Entry document should primarily list out the conditions / checks that need to be completed prior to Test Phase commencement. In short, some of the pre-requisites that need to be completed.

    Most projects have a Test Entry / Exit criteria checklist that is validated prior to commencement and post-completion of a Test Phase. Some projects have a phase-wise Test Entry / Test Exit document while others have a unified document. Its more of an preferred approach that is taken.

    Couple of pointers as to what might a Test Entry document entail -

    1) Test case design should be complete and signed-off
    2) Test Data readiness check should be completed
    3) Test Environment should be up and running
    4) Infrastructure as well as Env team SPOC's should be identified and intimated of the Testing schedule
    5) Smoke / Sanity tests have passed
    6) Prior phase Exit criteria's have been successfully met.


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