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Thread: Testable and Non-testable requirement question?

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    Testable and Non-testable requirement question?


    I am preparing for a job interview. I cant think of any example ... please help me answer the qurstion below. Thanks.

    Give an example of a testable and a non-testable requirement. Using these examples, explain why requirements should be testable

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    Re: Testable and Non-testable requirement question?

    A brief example:
    Untestable: most requirements that state something like - "the application shall not crash" or requirements that state the product "should" or "may" do something - if it should or may do something implies that it might not always do that thing - no way to test it unless you know what the product is suppose to do.
    The way many people write performance requirements are untestable (think - "performance shall be fast", "shall be google speed", "easy to use", etc). These can be fixed by the addition of detailed fit criteria to clarify how you will test them.

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    Re: Testable and Non-testable requirement question?

    A good requirement is one which is unambiguous and clearly specifies the behavior and they are called functional requirements.
    Sometimes a requirement can be very interpretive and do not specify exact behavior of the software and such requirements are known as Non-Functional requirements.
    Now, to the question whether a requirement can be testable or not - will be answered by whether a requirement in Functional or Non Functional

    Ex for Testable (functional) Requirement: All Users are allowed to post Only 5 Questions per day in this Forum - Clearly specifies the Limit allowed.
    Ex for Non Testable (Non- Functional) Requirement: Users Reply to a question is made visible to all board members as soon as possible - Does not state Where/How it will be made visible and does not specify a "value" instead of "as soon as possible".

    hope this helps

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