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Thread: Testable and non-testable requirement.

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    Testable and non-testable requirement.

    I am preparing for a job interview. I can't think of any example about test and a non-testable requirement. please help me. Thanks.

    Give an example of a testable and a non-testable requirement. Using these examples, explain why requirements should be testable.

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    Re: Testable and non-testable requirement.


    Testable and non Testable requirements are defined based on the Testing Scope.

    For ex: Consider the Application "X" which have A,B,C modules which makes the Full application "X". All the requirements are mentioned in the Design documents.
    When Developers start working on the module A and the build A is availble for testing, then Module A is Testable and we can't test module B or C, so based on the development plan QA Analyst will prepare Test Strategy document and will give clear details on what requirements need to be tested and what should not.

    Hope it will help you.

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