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Thread: Quality Center ALM 11

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    Quality Center ALM 11


    Did anyone tried Quality Center ALM 11.....Any doc on this?

    Any Idea about Rational requisite pro? How can we integrate this QC?

    Thanks In Advance

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    Re: Quality Center ALM 11

    I am using ALM. Below is a detailed info on Changes from QC 9.2 to 11. I have no idea about QC integration to RRP.

    •Name of the application is changed from Quality Center (QC) to Application Lifecycle Management (ALM).
    •LDAP Authentication enabled in QC 11. You will now use your Windows Network password to access QC once you are setup.
    •QC 11 allows for multiple windows of the app to be opened in separate tabs within IE8 and/or separate IE browsers.
    Note: doing so use separate QC license for each window displayed.
    •QC also allows for running Version 9.2 and Version 11 at same time in separate windows.
    •QC11 UI changes modules have now been grouped together under new local headers.
    o Dashboard: New module installed by default
     Analysis View
     Dashboard View
    o Management
     Releases
    o Libraries: New module installed: Enables you to define libraries to track changes in your project, reuse entities in a project.
    o Requirements
     Requirements
     Business Models: New module installed: Enables you to import business process models and test the quality of the of the models and their components
    o Testing
     Test Resources: New module installed: Enables you to manage test resources in a hierarchical tree-structure
     Test Plan
     Test Lab
    o Defects
    •QC11 now deploys by default a dashboard module within QC. The dashboard module includes both an analysis and dashboard view.
    •Enhanced Filter Functionality allowing filtering across modules.
    •QC11 now deploys versioning functionality allowing for user to checkout and check in and compare versions at a later date. User MUST check in changes. App will inform users who has the entity locked checked out.
    •Defects module will now only return the first 500 defects when access screen the first time unless you select return all rows.
    •View Favorite drop down list box has been removed you must use menu to select views.
    •QC11 now has baseline functionality for requirements and test cases.

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