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Thread: Web Based Checklist

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    Web Based Checklist

    Can anybody tell me the format of web based checklist

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    Re: Web Based Checklist

    What do you mean by checklist?
    Be more specific with your scope.

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    Re: Web Based Checklist

    1.1 Site
    A. Easy to use
    B. Instructions are simple and clear. Additionally, test that instructions are correct (i.e. if you follow each instruction does the expected result occur?)
    1.2 Site map or navigation bar (if provided)
    A. Is the site map is correct?
    B. Does each link on the map actually exist?
    C. Are there links on the site that are not represented on the map?
    D. Is the navigational bar present on every screen?
    E. Is it consistent?
    F. Does each link work on each page?
    G. Is it organized in an intuitive manner?
    1.3 Site Content
    A. Correctness of wording
    B. No overuse of bold text, big fonts and blinking (user acceptance testing)
    C. Hyperlinked references are working
    D. Are patterns, background colour and pictures distract the user?
    E. Does all images add value to respective page?
    F. Do these images waste bandwidth? In general use small pictures to reduce load.
    G. Does wrap-around occurs properly?

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