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    any one can tell me clearly what is qa and qc?

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    Re: testing

    Hi sharanabasappa,
    Quality Assurance:
    1. Quality assurance meant for developing, organizing the best quality process
    2. QA is process related
    3. QA focuses on building in quality and hence preventing defects
    4. QA: Deals with process
    5. QA: for entire life cycle
    6. Quality Assurance makes sure you are doing the right things, the right way.
    7. QA is preventive process.

    Quality Control:
    1. Quality control meant for implementing the process developed by former team
    2. QC is the actual testing of the software
    3. QC focuses on testing for quality and hence detecting defects
    4. QC: Deals with product
    5. QC: for testing part in SDLC
    6. Quality Control makes sure the results of what you've done are what you expected
    7. QC is corrective process.

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    Re: testing

    By saying simply mean QA giving the idea and supervising the work and QC is implement the ideas to work on the application

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    Re: testing

    Quality assurance (QA) includes preventing mistakes or defects in developed software application or product and avoiding problems when delivering solutions or services to clients and to verify whether it is reaching the clients requirements.

    Quality Control(QC) involves actual testing process through which bugs/defects are identified by executing testing procedure.

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