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Thread: Connect two Computers

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    Connect two Computers


    Can you please tell me if mac address alone is sufficent for connecting two computer for communication or if IP address is also required?

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    Re: Connect two Computers

    You need to use either IP address or the name of the system to connect.

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    Re: Connect two Computers

    Your mac address carries your data packets and the ip address shows where information showed go and also where it is from.
    Look at it this was your IP address is your residential address and the mac address is your post man.
    You need both to post your letters. Hope this make sense.

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    Re: Connect two Computers

    Mac Address is the Hardware address (ie. NIC address) and the IP address is a logical address.
    They both are used to communicate and differentiate the computers on the network.
    So, alone neither IP address is sufficient for the communication ,nor mac address.
    IP address finds the part of network on which data packet belongs, and after reaching that network, the mac address comes in picture and the devices like Switches read the mac address from into the data packet and forward it to that machine having that mac address.
    So, both the address are required for 2 machines to communicate.

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    Re: Connect two Computers

    IP address is required for routing of packets from one network to another network i.e., at network layer. whereas mac address is used at the data link layer of the OSI model responsible for exactly identifying the exact machine present on the network and delivering the packet to the machine.It usually works at the switch layer.

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