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Thread: Unable to Login the Webpage

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    Unable to Login the Webpage

    Around 100 users in the client place, When they type any webaddress in the browser, getting the error message as "page cannot be displayed" ... what is the cause? How to troubleshoot it?

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    Re: Unable to Login the Webpage


    Which web server you are using ..? . Seems to be the site is not configured properly


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    Re: Unable to Login the Webpage

    One reason could be that the thread being used may not be implemented by the webpage.

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    Re: Unable to Login the Webpage

    There may be many reasons.

    1. DNS Settings for your network might be wrong. Use Google's Public DNS Servers or, you have to set DNS server Address in your connection properties.( Click on Control Panel -> Network Sharing Center -> Wi-Fi or LAN Connection Properties -> Properties -> IP Version 4 -> Add DNS Servers).

    2. Either that URL is inaccessible or is being serviced/modified.

    3. If the server cannot handle too many requests at a time, it keeps clients waiting or the server may crash, which is not a usual case.

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    dns server and web server

    pls what is the relationship btw dns.server and web server. a server to be.either dns.or.web

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