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Thread: Interview Question: Describe your Testing Philosophy

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    Interview Question: Describe your Testing Philosophy

    Hi All,
    I was asked this question during an interview and was wondering how to best answer it: "Describe your Testing Philosophy."
    When I asked for them to elaborate they said: "well you are looking at our Flash based game right now, and if you had to QA it, how would you make sure you were releasing a Quality product based on your QA philosophy?"

    Thanks for the help,

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    Re: Interview Question: Describe your Testing Philosophy


    I guess the the term Testing / QA Philosophy would imply - Testing Viewpoint or the idea behind the Testing methodology used.

    So I guess the answer would boil down to the actual Test Strategy you might employ to test a Flash based game. It could entail - Testiing Types you might use, the test stages across which the Testing would occur and probably the Entry / Exit criteria for each stage.

    Some of the probably test types that would be leveraged would be -
    1) Compatibility Testing (Across browsers, across OS, across gaming consoles)
    2) Usability Testing
    3) Documentation testing (Help Features, Installation Guides etc)
    4) Network testing (Multiple instances, multiplayer games, speed over networks etc)

    Hope this helps....


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    Re: Interview Question: Describe your Testing Philosophy

    Yes, that helps. Thanks. I'll also add some automated testing to that list. E.g. Selelenium test for Flash, as well as a load test using the right tool.

    Here is my final version.

    Testing Philosophy:
    o Write out a high level testing strategy based on specs and requirements. Make it more detailed, depending on how much time is allowed per release.
    o As much of testcases as possible should be automated with Selenium type tool, esp if it will save time later. Blackbox test the rest
    o Compatibility testing across supported platforms.
    o Load/Performance testing to ensure no new performance bottlenecks were introduced into the release.
    o Use a blackbox approach as a final doublecheck of the major features before release.

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    Re: Interview Question: Describe your Testing Philosophy

    I think the question is more related to your experience in Testing.
    I mean what they wanted to see is how would you handle it, as a process, not as testing activities.

    Best regards,

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    Re: Interview Question: Describe your Testing Philosophy

    I think it is just another funky term came to Interviewer's mind :-) "Testing Philosophy", "Test Methodology", "Testing Approach" the all mean the same at a product testing level. Probably your Interviewer was looking an answer related to your testing experience. The way you Test a Product within Time and Budget with a quality. You can elaborate your answer in a formal way using Testing Life Cycle.

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