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    Can anyone explain working of HTTP? What is port number associated with it?

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    Re: HTTP


    I don't quite understand your question .. You can run the http on any port you want, you just have to configure the web server


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    Re: HTTP

    HTTP works on the basis of requests/responses.A client establishes a connection with a server and sends a request to the server in the form of a request method, URI, and protocol version, followed by a MIME-like message containing request modifiers, client information, and possible body content. The server responds with a status line, including the message's protocol version and a success or error code, followed by a MIME-like message containing server information, entity metainformation, and possible body content.
    The port number associated with HTTP is 443.

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    By default Port No. for HTTP is 80,not 443. But you can force your system to use any port.

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    HTTP is Hyper Text Tranfer Protocol. Hyper Text means text that contains Hyperlinks ( nothing but links to other pages.). This works by establishing/making connection between 2 systems. If this connection is secure and encrypted, then HTTP is HTTPS, S for Secure.

    Ex : when you type in the address bar of your browser, you are telling your computer to bring you webpage of And your computer understands this and sends request ( HTTP Request )to the HTTP Server for that page.
    Now server responds with the requested page (HTTP Response), and browser reads that HTML file and displays it.

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    HTTP Stands for "HyperText Transfer Protocol." This is the protocol used to transfer data over the World Wide Web. That's why all Web site addresses begin with http. Whenever you type a URL into your browser and hit Enter, your computer sends an HTTP request to the appropriate Web server. The Web server, which is designed to handle HTTP requests, then sends to you the requested HTML page.

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