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Thread: Quality Center Upgrade Conflicts with Datastage

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    Quality Center Upgrade Conflicts with Datastage

    Has anyone had the following problem? We are using both Datastage and Quality Center, and a Quality Center upgrade apparently has configuration conflicts. Is this a known problem? If you have experienced it, how did you resolve? Any insight is appreciated - thx!

    Post quality center upgrade 10.0 last week, users are unable to use theDB2 connector stage in DataStage. This impact building jobs thru DataStage, debugging, defect analysis, etc.

    DataStage designer needs version of ExGrid.dll . Whereas, QC 10.0 has version 3.0 of ExGrid.dll. Hence, no user can access QC 10.0 and DataStage from the same machine. Also lost some defect data logged in the old version of Quality Center.

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    Re: Quality Center Upgrade Conflicts with Datastage

    same problem here. What we do is re-register the Datastage dll before opening it:

    put this in a .bat file on your desktop:

    cd C:\IBM\INFORM~1\Clients\Classic
    regsvr32 /s /u ExGrid.dll
    regsvr32 /s ExGrid.dll

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    Re: Quality Center Upgrade Conflicts with Datastage


    Thank you for posting your issue here as I came across the same problem and actually discovered a solution. You can read the full details at the IBM support web page: h t t p s://w w

    I copied some of the content of the issue and solution:
    Error description
    Enhancement request to have DataStage work with EXGrid.dll 3.00.
    DataStage is currently certified against EXGrid.dll 2.00.

    Problem summary****************************************************************
    Customer using Information Server (any version after 8.0.1) and
    also using HP Quality center on the same box
    HP Quality Center registers version of Exgrid.dll
    whereas InformationServer (any version > 8.0.1) uses version and hence both the client side software are not existing
    Apply the patch available at location.

    h t t p s://

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    Re: Quality Center Upgrade Conflicts with Datastage

    You have discussed some interesting topics about data stage. Thanks.

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