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Thread: Security Testing

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    Security Testing

    Hi All,

    What is the security testing ? can you please explain the detail...


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    Re: Security Testing


    Security testing test the all internal and external security glitch in any application. Like a user should not be able to login in other user accounts and the same time should not be able to access other users details after login in self account.


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    Re: Security Testing

    Security testing is a process of protecting data and maintain the functions of the system as it is intended to be. Security testing is based on six security concepts namely security testing are: confidentiality, integrity, authentication, availability, authorization and non-repudiation.

    Example:Considering banking application,it should have proper user login, there is no data extraction at the back end while using application.and also the application displaying on the site should be secured in case of online facility.Here the user should not be able to login to other users banking details and so on .

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