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Thread: QTP Checkpoints

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    QTP Checkpoints

    Why we use check points in QTP?

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    Re: QTP Checkpoints

    Any inherent mechanism, in any program, is a tradeoff between the user-friendly interfaces and usability, to the limitations it imposes. QTP’s checkpoint mechanism fails in taking too much flexibility and much needed complexity, while giving too little in return. Even worse, it educates the common user to an over-simplified point of view, while make some real-world problems seem impossible to work through. However, we can implement our own custom checkpoint mechanism, which costs us small amounts of readable, maintainable code. Aside from the custom mechanism technical advantages, it allows us to view checkpoints as more than simple log pass/fail reporters, but rather as a crucial tool for managing our script’s flow.

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    Re: QTP Checkpoints

    there r 8types of check point in QTP. they are
    1.Standard check point:It checks the GUI objects properties
    2.Database Check point:It checks the backend data of the application
    3.Text check point:It checks the text in a application
    4.Text area check point:It checks the perticular text area in a application
    5.Bitmap check point: it checks the bitmaps in an application. It takes perticular area as a bitmap.But Image check point checks only web application
    6.Accessibility Check point: It can checks the accessibility of the web application only.
    7.XML check point:It can checks the XML web application
    8.XML check point from file: It can checks the XML code for the perticular file

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