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Thread: Microsoft Testing tool (VSTS 2010)

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    Microsoft Testing tool (VSTS 2010)

    How to do the automation through the VSTS 2010. Is there anyone who have hand's-on experience on this tool. Also need guidance to learning it?

    Any help on the above would be appreciated .

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Microsoft Testing tool (VSTS 2010)

    I hope you people are aware about the tool and if you want to try it then download the VS 2010. It is bundled with that. This tool is using dot net frame work for the coding and all. It is having both the option available i.e. record and play and hand code option.

    It generate the code for the recorded steps and allow user to change or modify the code as per there requirement. It also leverages to add accretion to the solution.

    Lots of information is available on this in the msdn and on the microsoft website, you can go and find the details over there.

    Feel free to the add on this.


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