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Thread: Browser Response

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    Browser Response

    What happens when user enters a URL in the browser and click enter??


    Can anybody please describe everything that happens from the time one hit enter after entering the url in the browser to the time the browser receives a response?

    I got this question at an interview today. I don't think I answered it very well.


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    Re: Browser Response

    Once user enters the URL on browser address bar, then:
    1. Browser translates url to IP address (assuming entered valid URL)
    2. By using IP address it connects to webserver > then webserver returns the page> Browser renders the response on the screen.

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    Re: Browser Response

    When you enter the address of Google, first step is to get the IP Address of that URL (Domain Name Resolution). After getting the IP Address for that URL, your browser connects to that Server at that IP Address and fetches the HTML Page and displays it.

    Step 1: Your computer checks if IP Address of that URL is already there in its CAHCE (temporary storage.). It will be in CACHE if you accessed the URL recently. (That is your Operating System is the DNS Resolver here ).

    Step 2: If its in CACHE, Browser connects to that IP Address and requests for the page of Google.

    Step 3 : If IP is not in CACHE, your computer will know where to find the IP Address of Google. It will ask special Computers known as DNS Servers, which will know IP Addresses of each and every URL.
    And your computer is returned with IP of the site.

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