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Thread: Historical And Current Perception of Software testing

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    Historical And Current Perception of Software testing

    Historical Perception of testing

    1). Second grade activity in Software Development
    2). Considered as an end activity after the code is developed
    3). Less amount of time spent as a % of total development time and effort.
    4). Not much investments done by the company to improve this process
    5). Not popular with the Managers, Developers & Students

    [B]Current Perception of testing[/B]

    1). Testing is now seen as a “Quality” Work.
    2). Testing now starts from the Requirements Analysis from Inception to termination.
    3). 30-40% of Total Development time is spent on Testing effort.
    4). Organizations are ready to invest on Test Management & Testing Tools.
    5). Testing has now become a aspiring Profession.


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    Re: Historical And Current Perception of Software testing

    History of the software testing

    The separation of debugging from testing was initially introduced by Glenford J. Myers in 1979. Although his attention was on breakage testing ("a successful test is one that finds a bug"]) it illustrated the desire of the software engineering community to separate fundamental development activities, such as debugging, from that of verification. Dave Gelperin and William C. Hetzel classified in 1988 the phases and goals in software testing in the following stages:
    • Until 1956 - Debugging oriented
    • 1957–1978 - Demonstration oriented
    • 1979–1982 - Destruction oriented
    • 1983–1987 - Evaluation oriented
    • 1988–2000 - Prevention oriented

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