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Thread: Testing POS system

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    Testing POS system


    How can we test Point of sale(POS) system and what are different test case scenarios.

    Please let me know

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    Re: Testing POS system

    Quote Originally Posted by Priyanka Narayana View Post

    How can we test Point of sale(POS) system and what are different test case scenarios.

    Please let me know
    I also need help on this . Any helpers out there please?

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    Re: Testing POS system

    To test the POS system you can focus on the

    Cashier activity
    This includes customer transactions such as the entry of items, tender, Store Value Cards, discounts and layaway. It also includes noncustomer transactions such as cash drawer loans, petty cash, totals and closings.

    Store Server and Back Office Integration
    Also you can write test cases to verify POS interaction with store servers and back office systems.Actually register transactions can be verified against the Electronic Journal for accuracy. you can also consider the system configuration that works with internal or external credit authorization modules and services.

    Platform check:
    you can design the test cases to check the functionality on the all the platforms if it supports multi patforms.

    Apart from this you can also focus on the

    • sales (items, quantities and prices)
    • Manage exchanges
    • Apply discounts (line item and transaction)
    • Tenders (cash, credit, SVCs, etc.)
    • Layaway (creation and payments)
    • Returns (with and without receipt)
    • Cash drawer loans
    • Petty cash

    I hope this may help you in designing the test cases..


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    Re: Testing POS system

    You can write test cases keeping following scenarios in mind

    1. POS' Ability to Read a Card - There are various types of cards in the industry today. (Magnetic Stripe, CAV, etc)
    2. Messaging Version it can support - Every POS has to adhere to I SPEC standards. Whether it can support different versions of it (Ex 1.0/2/0)
    3. Prompt Capabilities - Whether the POS can handle different Prompting options (Ex: Host Based Prompts, Card based Prompts etc)
    4. Connectivity Tests - Ability to read a card and sending the messages to Network
    5. Performance - Speed or the time taken to send a request(read) and receive response and applying the transaction based rules (ex Rebates/Discounts/Tax etc)
    6. Negative Scenarios - Various transaction declined scenarios (Invalid Card/PIN/Expired Card etc.)

    I am sure there will be many more such scenarios based on the Business requirements that drive the POS application software. Hope this helps. Do let me know if you need any specific information.

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