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Thread: Testing Hierarchy

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    Testing Hierarchy

    I want to know the hierarchy of testing. I mean to say, I have test script and requirements in my hand how can I execute those test scripts do I need to write test cases based on test script or just I have to execute test scripts please give me some information regarding the procedure for executing test script manually.


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    Re: Testing Hierarchy


    Try to analyze the area which is not cover under the test script.Then you can start creating test-case\test script by taking the reference of the requirement specification.The execution of the test cases can happen deeding on the priority.

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    Re: Testing Hierarchy

    Testing is usually relied upon to detect the faults remaining from earlier stages, in addition to the faults introduced during coding itself. Due to this, different levels of testing are used in the testing process; each level of testing aims to test different aspects of the system.

    Different hierarchical levels of testing are

    1) Unit testing,
    2) Integration testing,
    3) System testing, and
    4) Acceptance testing

    These different levels of testing attempt to detect different types of faults

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