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Thread: Role of Tester

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    Role of Tester

    Hi, I wanna know the role of tester in requirement analysis, design phase of s/w development

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    Re: Role of Tester

    Quote Originally Posted by ns.aiswariya View Post
    Hi, I wanna know the role of tester in requirement analysis, design phase of s/w development
    Hi Aiswariya,

    According to me role of tester in requirement analysis is to ensure that all requirements have been propely coverred or not, to find the gaps between th requirements. for example : A text field is the requirement that your role is to know what kind of values a text field should be inserted, what is the text field length etc. In short Determine Correctness/ Consistency/Completeness in the requirements.

    According to me role of tester in requirement analysis is to prepare Test Plan, Test case design specification etc.

    Correct me if i m wrong.

    Thanks & Regards

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    Re: Role of Tester

    The role of the tester-
    1.requirement analysis-the role of he tester is to meet the the requirement of the client. phase-the role of the tester in design phase it the test the design required by the client is properly executed by the designer and well aligned during the displaying.
    3.s/w development-during the alpha phase,told the developer to implement the code in such a way that meet the specification required by the client.

    thanks and regards
    Aman saxena

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    Re: Role of Tester

    Just to add a note to above replies, Business analyst will do the gap analysis, it is not tester responsibility, tester may not understand client business so tester can’t enforce whether all requirements are covered or not…. in requirements analysis phase, they make sure tester understand the requirements properly and prepare test plan with all possible test cases before starting actual design/development.

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    Re: Role of Tester

    Role of teste
    1) Analysis phase :
    In this phase the tester will understand the application and users requirements and what he/she does to test and which part they should test and they will study the UID ,FR(Functional requirements) and BR(Bussiness Rules).

    2) Design Phase :
    In thid Phase The tester will create test Objectives and tester will create Test Scripts.

    3) Execution Phase:

    In this phase the tester will execute the test scripts.

    Mahantesh Hadimani

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    Re: Role of Tester

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