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Thread: Script Runs Without Showing Error Message

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    Script Runs Without Showing Error Message

    In QTP we have recorded the statements to login into Gmail and there are 50 messages in the Inbox. After reading two messages in the inbox, sign-out from the application and stop recording. When we run this script it will show the error. The question is how can we run this script without errors.

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    Re: Script Runs Without Showing Error Message

    hi friend,

    Will you please let us know exactly what error you are facing so that we can help you out.


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    Re: Script Runs Without Showing Error Message

    hi dear,

    this is the problem in object identification as "inbox" is a dynanic object...use regular expression in ur repository.

    the syntax is


    this can handle any changes in "inbox" object.


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    Re: Script Runs Without Showing Error Message

    Hi All,
    This is input string XYZabcFGH
    output string FghABCxyz

    how can u write script.
    plz can anybody post the solution

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