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    pls tell the differences between arraylist and vectorlist.And difference between set and sortedset.and explain sortedset and hashset.pls i am totally confused on these topics.

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    Re: collections

    1.Its not synchronized and its performance is good compare to vector.
    2.It does not support legacy method such as(hasMoreElements,nextElement)
    3.It support only iterator.

    1.Its synchronized.
    2.It support legacy method.
    3.It support both iterator and Enumeration.
    SortedSet: cannot be instantiate.
    2.the output value is in ascending order.
    1.the output value is not in ascending order.

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    Smile Re: collections

    Vector is synchronized but ArrayList isn't.

    In SortedSet objects are stored sortedly ,but in Set objects aren't stored sortedly.

    In HashSet objects are stored by using hash table

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