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Thread: cookie Testing

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    cookie Testing

    Hi Friends,

    Please tell me what is Cookie testing. How to test Cookie testing related to web site testing. Please any one provide me step by step procedure to test cookie testing.

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    Post Re: cookie Testing

    Cookies Testing is good to understand the life cycle of cookies.

    Use case 1 check information is cookie is encrypted or not

    Use Case 2 check to run application disable cookie from I.E /Firefox

    Use Case 3 Check cookie will expire after session is expire

    Use Case 4 Check if the browser is close without Logout , cookie
    is expire or not.

    HTTP watch can provide cookies data while accessing web sites recording
    can be done to see the cookies data later.

    Latest IE 8 browser have default feature to delelte cookies when browser is closed.

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    Re: cookie Testing

    Test cases can be:
    1. check whether sensitive data is getting stored in cookie (credit card and other transaction details which can be hacked/ misused)
    2. check page breaks by pasting urls to new browser window (login with specific user> copy the url after login> paste this url immediately in new browser window> it will open with logged user home page as the cookie has stored for this user> now delete the cookies manually> open new browser and paste the url again> it should show login page now)
    3. check by manually deleting cookies and verify whether deleted cookies are displaying again without browsing the sites
    4. check by disabling cookie settings from browser (usually cookies settings would be enabled to store user information for quite time)
    5. if site is designed to store the data in cookies, then check whether used sensitive data is encrypted properly (especially required on ecommerce related projects)


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