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Thread: LCM Methods?

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    LCM Methods?

    Hi fellow Testers,

    My recent project is following this LCM methodology and it seems that I wasn;t aware of how this practice works with the project.

    I am aware of V-Model so as with an AGILE methodology but not with an LCM.

    Can someone help me to clear this out?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: LCM Methods?

    Hi friend,

    May the below helps

    Life cycle management, lcm

    Lcm can be regarded as a philosophy rather than an operational management tool. In spite of this, lcm is included in dantes since the concept could be useful in structuring and developing the environmental activities in a company. Applying life cycle thinking in this process helps identifying significant environmental aspects to put focus on. It is of special importance to consider the business aspects and stakeholder involvement in the lcm methodology.

    Lcm tends to be relatively simple and logical on a theoretical level. However, the lcm concept has not been fully established yet and many different definitions of lcm exist. One core idea of the lcm concept is that sustainability considerations for the full life cycle of a product should be an integrated part of the decision-making process in a company. This, however, does not mean that it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive life cycle assessment (lca). It is instead often more realistic to apply life cycle thinking or other more qualitative evaluation principles.

    The other core idea of the lcm concept is to apply a business and strategic perspective and management should therefore always take the lead in sustainability related decisions.

    Lcm means a shift of focus for a company

    From process optimization to product chain optimization.

    From internal processes to customer focus and business.

    From linear to cyclic material flows.

    From improving afterwards to innovation and product development.

    From internal activities to involvement of external stakeholders.

    United nations environmental program (unep) and setac (the scientific body that developed the lca methodology) launched the life cycle initiative in 2002.


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