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Thread: Core Java vs Java

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    Core Java vs Java

    What is the difference between Core Java and Java?

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    Re: Core Java vs Java

    There is no term like Core Java ..SunMicrosystem the vendor of Java never give any title like corejava. SunMicrosystem gives java as its three wings ,1)J2SE-java 2 standard edition--for standalone application /desktop application.
    2) J2EE -java2Enterprise Edition --for enterprise application ,webapplication
    3) J2ME--java2MicroEdition--for Mobile application
    First it lunch J2SE -java 2 standard edition and later on J2EE and J2ME was came in to market.
    so, The term "corejava" its created by we people only & later its very became popular term for the J2SE part ..
    So,there no difference between Core Java & JAva.
    hope this will clear you.

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