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    Reservations in education and jobs have been a contentious issue in India. There is demand for reservations in the private sector. Give your views for or against such reservations in the private sector with relevant arguments in support of your view. As the Indian companies go global, do you think reservations in the private sector will affect the ability of the companies to compete effectively?

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    Re: Reservations

    These political parties makes such statements just to win some votes without even thinking about the effect of such an act on the economy of our contry.

    If these politicians were good thinkers and in the favour of development, then they would have provided free education to all those people whom they want to give reservation; upto masters degree in all the available streams.

    We can imagin a situation; where Due to reservation an incompetent person will reach to some level and fail to deliver the results. (Would like to be get operated by a doctor who has got his degree because of reservation, not because of his/her capabilities)

    The logic is simple, deserving person should get what he/she deserves and must not be inhibited due to reservation or poverty and to do this free education in required not the reservation.

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