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Thread: Dispose and Finalize method

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    Dispose and Finalize method

    if we are writting dispose method, is it compulsary to write gc.suppressFinalise in dispose method? This needs to be written when we have finalizer in our class.

    Now if we do now write the finalise method, how will dispose method be called?

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    Re: Dispose and Finalize method

    As per my understanding to implement the Dispose method We need to implement the Idisposable interface.If we use GC.Supressfinalize() then it will prevent the CLR to automaticaly call the Finalize method at that perticular moment.
    But even after Finalize method will be called after some time by CLR garbage collector to make the memory free by removing the unrefferenced objects if still available.

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    Re: Dispose and Finalize method

    First lets talk about Finalize() which is called by GarbageCollector.The developer hasn't do anything with this one.If he doesn't wants to execute this method then he can call System.GC.SuppressFinalize() .

    Dispose() on the other hand can be handled by the developer to write his own custom statements or to dispose of instances of the objects for the classes he created while desigining the application. so he can write his own way of handling the code.

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