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Thread: Nokia Mobile Developer Conference

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    Smile Nokia Mobile Developer Conference

    Hi Guys,

    Nokia mobile developer conference, Bangalore.

    It’s time to free yourself. It’s time to unlock the star within you.

    At forum nokia developer conference ’09, get inspired to create your very own application that will run on hundreds and millions of mobile devices all over the world.

    This year’s event promises to be very special with live demos, real-life mobile application stars who ‘wowed’ the world with their mobile applications to win fame and fortune, and much is a nice place to learn about nokia’s technology and design platforms.

    When: December 7, 2009
    Where: Hotel Taj Residency, Bangalore.

    Friends, if you want to participate, just click the below link and register.

    nokiadevcon . in/index . php
    Forum Nokia Developer Conference '09


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    Re: Nokia Mobile Developer Conference

    Valuable information Rijus. Thankyou.

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    Re: Nokia Mobile Developer Conference


    I know that this is a relatively old post but I just found it. In case you are still interested in developing for Nokia devices then I can provide useful information for you. I own a Lumia 710 that runs on Windows Phone 7 OS. I decided to develop an app for it. While I was gathering information found a guide that was really useful. The guide showed how to develop an app for Windows Phone 7, furthermore it provided code examples Personally, the guide helped me a lot so I could reduce the development time. Hope I also shared valuable information with you.

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