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Thread: Puzzle :The Most Intelligent Prince

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    Smile Puzzle :The Most Intelligent Prince

    Hi Guys,

    A king wants his daughter to marry the smartest of 3 extremely intelligent young princes, and so the king's wise men devised an intelligence test.

    The princes are gathered into a room and seated, facing one another, and are shown 2 black hats and 3 white hats.

    They are blindfolded, and 1 hat is placed on each of their heads, with the remaining hats hidden in a different room.

    The king tells them that the first prince to deduce the color of his hat without removing it or looking at it will marry his daughter.

    A wrong guess will mean death. The blindfolds are then removed.

    You are one of the princes.

    You see 2 white hats on the other prince's heads. After some time you realize that the other prince's are unable to deduce the color of their hat, or are unwilling to guess.

    What color is your hat?

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    Re: Puzzle :The Most Intelligent Prince

    the White hat mate..

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    Re: Puzzle :The Most Intelligent Prince

    It can even be a black hat.
    Other princes, on seeing one black and one white hat, was not able to find their ouwn hat color.

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    Re: Puzzle :The Most Intelligent Prince

    My (The prince's) hat would be WHITE.

    Explanation: Let me assume that my hat is black. Then prince one will not be able to answer because prince 2 has white. Understanding why prince 1 couldn't answer, prince 2 should now be in a position to tell that his hat is WHITE because my hat is black. But in reality, prince 2 couldn't answer. That means my assumption that my hat is black is wrong. So my hat is WHITE!

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