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    What is use of interface? Why we actually use it?

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    Re: interface

    Interface is actually 100% abstract class whose all the methods have only definition not body. if your class implements any interface then provide body for all the methods.

    actually java doesn't support multiple inheritence means ur class cant inherit(extends) more than 1 class. but if u want to inherit more than one class then use Interface.

    actually we achieve multiple inheritance by Interface.

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    Re: interface

    Quote Originally Posted by ashina1111 View Post
    What is use of interface? Why we actually use it?

    Hi Ashina111,

    1) In the concept of data hiding , let's say you want to provide a class to some client code, but don't want to give them full access.

    One way to restrict access without limiting the functionality of your class is to implement an interface and require the client code to get objects through a factory:

    2)Another benefit of interfaces is team development.

    If you have a dozen programmers working on different pieces of code that need to connect, it's best to define interfaces for the connections. As long as the programmers write according to the interfaces, everything will link together nicely regardless of personal choices and style.

    3)Yet another benefit is that with interfaces you can use a class without having defined it first.

    If you have a class that does a lot of intricate work and won't be finished before the rest of the project, the rest of the project can use an interface to it and avoid being stalled by the development of that one class.

    I think its enough to resolve ur query.


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    Re: interface

    Some times there will be a situation that most of the classes in our application has to implement the same set of instaed of writing all methods in each class we can write an interface and the classes will implement that interface to override all methods of interface.In .net a class can inherit only a single class but more than one interface.Indirectly multiple inheritence is supported in .net by Interface.Interface should contain public abstract members only.

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    Re: interface

    Another main use of interface in oops concept that we can implement more than one interface into one class but during expose, we can expose methods separetly by using Interface. Best example of this, to expose service in WCF, because we can make seperate interface for different module but we can implement all the methods in one class. Using interface we can allow to execute limited methods of any class.

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