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    where is the session stored in server? and where is the cookie stored on client?

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    Session state will be stored on the server depends session mode settings set in web.config file.
    Session state mode has 5 values
    1.Off - no session state will be stored. Disabled.
    2. InProc - if u set this mode Session state will be stored in memory of the server.Session state will be lost if application restarts,or web server restarts due to any reason.
    3.SqlServer - If you want to retain session state during website restarts,You can use this mode. here session state will be stored on sql server.
    4.State Server :this stores session state in a separate process called the ASP.NET state service
    5. Custom mode- This enables you to specify a custom storage provider.

    Cookie stored on client in a special files called Magic Macintosh files or simple text files.
    That will be cookies folder in C Directory

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