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Thread: windows application help

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    windows application help

    Hai ,
    i am new bee to c#... and i want know the basic things..
    what is
    and initializecomponent();
    .......and in windows application have there is no main method where its execution?.

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    Re: windows application help

    1.Form1.cs - this Code file,where you can write code
    2.form1.designer.cs - this is also code file but generated by designer.
    From VS 2005 onwards there is a separation for user and designer generated code. don't make any changes or delete any code from this file

    3.form1.resx- this is resource file - this you can canl make use when you are making your application available to different cultures and different languages.
    Intializecomponent() this is method gets called in the constructor so it initializes the can see this method implemented in form1.designer file.
    4.You can see an file called Program.cs
    In that file you can see main method.
    always execution starts from here

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