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Thread: Test Cases to check Conditional Operators

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    Test Cases to check Conditional Operators

    How to write Test Cases to check all 'Conditional Operators' for the Attributes

    Conditional Operators available10)
    "=", ">=",">","<=","<","<>","Like","Begins With","Ends With","Does Not Contain"

    - All the above mentioned operators are spread across 20 fields.
    - No field has less than 2 and more than 6 operators from the above mentioned list.

    What is the best way to write Test Case for the above mentioned condition?

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    Re: Test Cases to check Conditional Operators

    Hai Cheerag,

    Will you please let us know what you have tried.


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    Re: Test Cases to check Conditional Operators

    if one applicant is a minor, the other must be of age to submit the request.
    If a dealer tries to submit an application with an applicant and co-applicant who are both minors, DTC will implement a "hard stop" with this message

    How can i write the test case for this

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    Re: Test Cases to check Conditional Operators

    hey could you please let me know how to write conditional operators


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