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Thread: Just One Question??????

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    Smile Just One Question??????

    Hi ,

    John, on his way to a town, reaches a road junction, where he can turn left or right.

    He knows that only one of the two roads leads to the street, but unfortunately, he does not know which one.

    Fortunately, he sees two twin-brothers standing at the road junction, and he decides to ask them for directions.

    John knows that one of the two brothers always tells the truth and the other one always lies.

    Unfortunately, he does not know which one always tells the truth and which one always lies.

    Then guys The Question......

    How can he find out the way to the street by asking just one question to one of the two brothers? ??

    It's so simple..


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    Re: Just One Question??????

    The Question is What is the answer I will get if I ask the following to question to the other "which road is not lead to the street?"

    check the conditions....


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    Re: Just One Question??????

    suppose he asking the person who always lied means ur condn gets failed..........suresh

    if u r ans is correct..pls be clear on that////////////

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    Re: Just One Question??????

    Answer is quite simple..

    Just ask any of them that what will be the answer given by the other person if I ask him that which is the correct path..

    Suppose there are 2 persons A and B, two paths 1 and 2.

    A is truthful and B is liar ,

    1 is the correct path and 2 is the incorrect path.

    Suppose if you go to A and he will refer to 2(answer that wud be given by B)

    And suppose if you go to B and he will refer to 2.

    In both the cases they will refer to the wrong path..

    So just follow the other path ie 1

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