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Thread: Set up different stages of testing

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    Set up different stages of testing

    Hello everybody!

    I just started to work with QC, we are starting to test on big projects and we will have a different stages of the testing: unit test, string testing and integration testing. All of those will use one and the same testscripts but combined in different testcases.
    My problem is that when you link the testscripts to requirements and it is already tested on unit test phase in analisys of requirement it already shown as tested. If i clone the testscript and will have test script for each of the test phases the requirements will be linked to too many scripts and progress won't be shown in analysys correctly as well.

    Ideally i would like to see an analysys which shows the requirement coveraga and comletion by teststage. I would appreciate if you would share your experience how to organise the test plan for this.
    Thanks Ingrid

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    Re: Set up different stages of testing

    I set up the test scripts into different groups and name them for each unit. Ours include integration, staging and production. I am using QTP to generate my scripts so for each environment I use a different login, but the script steps are the same. I have also labeled them separately in the test lab. That way the results are shown separately for each unit. That way I can differentiate between the test run in each environment. Hope that helps.

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