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Thread: Simple & Interesting puzzle......

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    Smile Simple & Interesting puzzle......

    Hi Guys,

    There is a table in a dark room with 100 coins.

    U can't see anything nor feel which sides are up.

    80 are heads up and 20 are tails up.

    Another table in the room has nothing on it.

    Then guys...............

    How can u get the same number of coins tails up on both tables with at least one penny on each table ??????

    Try u r Best..........

    All t Best,

    Thanks & Regards,

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    Unhappy Re: Simple & Interesting puzzle......

    The question is not clear, please re phrase it.

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    Re: Simple & Interesting puzzle......

    hi guys,

    three friends are dividing the bullets.

    after dividing, all of them are shot 4 bullets.

    total number of remaining bullets is equal to the no. of bullets divide each.

    then how much they divide each .

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    Re: Simple & Interesting puzzle......

    question not clear

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    Red face Re: Simple & Interesting puzzle......

    just take 20 coins from the first table and turn them upside down ie heads will become tails and tails will become heads..

    This way you will have coins on both the tables with equal number of coins showing tails on each table..

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