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Thread: Soft skills r as valuable as core skills

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    Smile Soft skills r as valuable as core skills

    Hi guys,

    Soft skills r as valuable as core skills.........

    Soft skills refer 2 all those personal qualities and attitutes that make u a compatible & resourceful employee....

    Here is a skills of soft skills most preferred by employers across t globe........

    a) Positive attitude

    b) Communication

    c) Problem solving

    d) Time Management

    e)Team Sprit

    f)Self Cofidence

    g)Handle Criticism


    j)Withstand Pressure

    k)Good work ethics....

    Thanks & Regards,


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    Re: Soft skills r as valuable as core skills

    Good afternoon,

    Soft skills are important in work place or any social setting! But why is it so important? Do we have to be unhappy to be happy & merry with others? Why do soft skills work?

    Our brain is designed to be appealed in a particular way. Our emotions can be targeted by giving us a compliment or saying something bad about our friend. Is it a science!! A person with soft-skills can empathize with others. They know the Value of another human being. The People who are bad at soft-skills are emotional fools & are narrow minded.

    It seems learning to influence so many people is a herculean task, isn't it? Though we dont have to learn all; research & experience has discovered a few which we can follow deliberately & see how differently people will react to us.

    It looks impossible when adjusting to people. But we are social animals & we can compromise a bit for developing soft-skills . I have come across a communication & soft-skills development program called 'Smart English through Technology & Science' It is an communication guide & I am using it. It has developed my attitude, soft-skills, my speaking, my knowledge about science, etc. etc. It has extraordinary benefits in terms of self development & personal growth. I have developed my soft-skills naturally even without my knowledge.

    Soft-skills let us see the human-being behind the face & the voice.

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    Re: Soft skills r as valuable as core skills

    Just wanted to add few articles info here for core skills and soft skills

    Core Skills

    Soft Skills

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    Re: Soft skills r as valuable as core skills


    Nice post regarding soft skills values. I m also taking training on motivational speaker training so ur links & articles is really useful for me. thanks for providing such a informative post.


    Victoria Heden

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    Re: Soft skills r as valuable as core skills

    This is very true. Thank you for sharing this.

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