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Thread: Procedure to test media file on Web?

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    Exclamation Procedure to test media file on Web?

    Hi Guys,

    Can any one help me with the following....?

    Testing media file on Traditional web & Flex applications using Manual & automation?

    Example: You have a streaming media/video file, which is of 30min of play do we test that the file is playing with out buffer issues and number of bytes transfered back and forth the server and client?

    what is the procedure to test media file of 30min play time on web...and what parameters do we consider?

    Thanks in advance...

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    Re: Procedure to test media file on Web?

    There are 5 basic steps to creating audio files and putting them on your Web site:

    1. Setting up recording hardware.
    2. Record the material as a WAV file.
    3. Remove Noise and Static (optional) from WAV file.
    4. Compress and Encode the created WAV file into the MP3 format.
    5. Update your web page with the new files and appropriate links.

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