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Thread: MSCE or RHCE

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    MSCE or RHCE

    I am presently doing my Second year in B tech computer science and engineering. I thought of enrolling for some course as I got saturdays and sundays off. I heard that Networking is a good option to specialize. I enquired at an educational centre abt the same.

    I am now planning to join for N+, MCSE or RHCE(or both), CCNA. Course fee 15K without RHCE(for RHCE another 3K). My question should I do both RHCE and MCSE or opt for one of them?? Plz help

    The insitution does provide certification options but have to pay some extra amounts(5K -10K). I am planning to take the certifications later on.

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    Re: MSCE or RHCE

    Dear Friend,

    First of all u need 2 decide Whether u r interest is in windows network administration or Linux network administration.

    Both certifications r in different platfoms.......


    In MCSE, you prove your expertise in designing and implementing the infrastructure for business solutions based on the Microsoft Windows Server platform and Windows Server System.

    But RHCE, is a performance-based test that measures actual competency on live systems.

    RHCE proves an individual's ability to configure networking services and security on servers running in linux platform.

    But today Most IT companies would prefer RHCE bcoz most of t servers r in Linux Platform....

    Due 2 this recession It's better 2 take one certification.........

    Personally i wud prefer RHCE.......

    Bcoz most of the servers r linux servers & more over higher chance to get a job in networking field.......

    But one thing....

    Final decision depends on u & depends on u r taste............

    Just goAhead........

    All t very best in future...........


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    Re: MSCE or RHCE

    well it all depends on your interest, whether you want to work on windows platform or on linux platform. Currently many organizations are working on linux platforms.Both are respected and industry recognized courses. i know why you are confused, as MCSE holds more respect n recognition than RHCE.

    Secondly i suggest you, better joining nay institute, go for elearning for these courses. In elearning, you'll get authorized courseware that too at reasonable prices, i have found hyperlessons on google, and found it very helpful in mcse n ccna preparation.

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    Re: MSCE or RHCE

    yes friend,

    All it depends upon your interest

    All the best for your career

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