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Thread: Workgroup & Domain

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    Workgroup & Domain

    What is the difference between workgroup & domain ?

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    A workgroup is a decentralized network model, meaning that it does not have a domain, a domain is basically the opposite, a domain controller is a machine acting as a server and administrating, for example, users and ip addresses. In contrast, in a workgroup you dont have the same level of authentication for users, each user just exist in the machine or machines where it was created, and the permissions for said user are managed also in each machine... In a workgroup you also have to manually assign an ip address to each machine unless you use a router that supports dhcp (dynamic host configuration protocol, a protocol that assigns ip addresses from a pool automatically to machines connecting to the network). Hope it helps,

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    Re: Workgroup & Domain

    If we see there is two type of group for the communication purpose.
    Workgroup-If we are in workgroup network there is less security for the neetwork. Every user be own manager of their system and the management also tippical so we can say that workgroup is the none secure network it is none Active Directory base network.

    Domain-if we are in domain network so thre is more possibilty for security purpose and management also easly.our network will be also secure.
    management will centerlige.

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    Re: Workgroup & Domain

    Work Group:It supports decentralized administration.Peer to peer network.Less than 10 computers.

    Domain:It supports centralized administration.Server based networks.It requires username and passwork for login.

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    Re: Workgroup & Domain

    Work group:It will share files and resources as same as domain, but each system will maintain their own group policy.It will act like a stand alone server.

    Domain: Here group policy and all other security settings will be maintain in server for all clients connected to that server.without server we can't do anything in client.

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    Re: Workgroup & Domain

    work group is an independent microsoft network.
    domain is a network resource managed by active directory policies.

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