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Thread: How to identify which textBox has triggered an event?

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    Smile How to identify which textBox has triggered an event?


    I have a 2- Dimensional array of textBox generated dynamically in C# Windows Application developed in Visual Studio 2005. I need to do specific tasks when the user hits enter on these text boxes. It should detect and execute the method/subroutine only once (If the user hits enter key on the textbox again then it will not execute the method).

    I need to use only one method for handling the event.

    keypressed(Object o Eventargs e....){

    //Some code as subroutine.

    My code is working fine but itís not able to identify whether itís a first hit seconds hit ....and so on.

    If there any way I can detect as to which textbox has triggered the event. So that I can deactivate the subroutine when the user hits enter on the same textbox again in the key pressed event.


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    Re: How to identify which textBox has triggered an event?

    I think the first argument of the event handler is a reference to the object that triggered the event. When the event is triggered you can remove the event from that textbox. Something like ((TextBox)o) -= keydownevent. I hope this provides some ideas. You may also derive your own textbod and add a boolean flag to it to check.

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