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Thread: pass information

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    pass information

    i have one page where all information like personal details. Now i want to redirect these all information to another page without any database connection and i want to do this by using query string so give me any tips or code fro do this .....

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    Re: pass information

    Create temporary variables at client side. store the user input values from the personal details page in these variables and call another page and pass these variavles as query string to another page.

    Refer some good book on ASP or JSP (depending on the language that you are using) to study in detail about parameter passing.

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    Re: pass information


    You can do that by using the cross page postback as well.

    It also seems much better from security point of view bcoz querystring can be interrupted by user.

    The sample code for this can be like :

    Page objPage = this.PostBackPage;

    Hope this would help u.

    ---V V---
    Vikas Vaidya

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    Re: pass information

    You can send the person details by using querystring.
    For this you have to pass these values via navigateurl property of hyperlink. In the next page you can use these values using Request.Querystring("----")

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