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Thread: database comparision

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    database comparision

    hi friend,
    first of all thank you very much for sharing your idea with me. As you had mention that you need a screen shot i have attached
    file is the screen shot of my application. there are some points which i would like to discuss with you. The data in this report is comimg for the database
    of sqlsever. And what exactly i am facing a problem, i want to see the data coming from the database is correct or not. as you can see the there are some dropdown
    list i want to check that thing and the data for the client. it would be really helpfull if can explain me in detail and step wise what setting i need to do to compare the data from the
    database and the actual data... really waiting and looking forward for your answer.

    Thanks & regards

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    Re: database comparision

    Function f_condb()
    set c
    'on error resume next
    conn.provider="microsoft.jet.oledb.4.0" "\\servername\database\web_auto.mdb"
    if err.number 0 then
    'reporter.reportevent micpass,"database connection","successfully connected."
    end if
    if isempty(conn) then
    'reporter.reportevent micfail, "database connection","connection failed error code:"
    end if

    end function

    ''once you have connected to db, fetch the records.
    Set rs = createobject("adodb.recordset")
    set rs = conn.execute("select * from tbl_seq_flow where script_name ='" & scriptname & "' order by object_sequence")
    ''' after this step.. In the script you need to fetch values from the application.
    Strclientname = browser(b).page(p).frame(f).webtable(w).getcelldata 1,1
    the above code will give you the displayed value in your application. After that as you have the record set, you can use the looping logic for validating the visible data against the database.

    Flag = 1
    while not rs.eof
    if rs.fields.item(1) = strclientname then
    flag = 0
    end if

    if flag = 1 then
    'fail else 'pass
    end if

    in case you are facing some issues please do revert..its difficult to provide the code as your application/qtp interface is not tangible on geek :-)


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