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Thread: CSTE Questions

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    CSTE Questions

    Hi there,

    My name is Supritha, i am planing to take the CSTE exam in jan 2009. I was wondering if any one of you taken CSTE exam recently. If any one do,

    There is 10 categories in CBOK,
    1.From which category the multiple question starts
    2. and from which starts the essay question starts.

    If you can mention about it would be wonderful.

    Thanks for your time,

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    Re: CSTE Questions

    even i am interested for the same...pls do let us know

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    Re: CSTE Questions

    FYI, there is no such criteria for the Question papers in CSTE. Every single line in CBOK is important. But for clearing CSTE it requires 2 complete readings of CBOK.

    First 6 chapters take some time so get prepared them with patience. Last 4 chapters don't take much time. Do well. All the Best.


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    Re: CSTE Questions

    hai ,

    all the 10 skill categories are a base for the Objective and Subjective Questions. FYI, there will be two Objective papers and two Subjective papers and these will be alternative in the actual exam (1st Obj, 1st Sub, 2nd Obj, 2nd Sub). All these papers covers all 10 SC. The only difference would be that the first two papers would be a bit easier than the last two.

    Hope this helps.

    All the best


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    Re: CSTE Questions

    Has anyone taken up CSTE certification recently in 2009. I have taken up in July 2009 and have not received the results yet does it take so long usually? How long does it take?

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    Re: CSTE Questions

    Hi All,

    I am planning for certification in March 2010. Any kind of information and supplementary docs are welcome. If any one has appeared for the exam recently, would appreciate if you can post a mail to me on

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