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Thread: Pls explain me about this Documentation

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    Pls explain me about this Documentation

    1. What isTesting the functionality of the applications developed to
    ensure it confirms to specifications & documentation?
    2. What is Understanding the requirements?
    3. What is test case designing about the project?
    4. What is Test case Execution?
    5. What is Test case result evaluation?
    6. What is Logging the defect in defect tracking sheet?
    7. What is Follow up with the development to make sure that the
    defect resolved as early as possible?
    8. What is Documentation of software?

    Pls any one explain me wht is wht?

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    Re: Pls explain me about this Documentation

    1) Not very sure I understood the question, but I think the most probable answer is "Process Testing"
    2) Understanding the business logic behind the requirements defined in the SRS.
    3) Identifying the scenarios and steps required to test the s/w.
    4) Applying the identified scenarios & steps (Test Cases) to the s/w application under test.
    5) Evaluating the outcome fome the s/w application on Test Case Execution.
    6) Describing the mismatches between test case expected and test run result for the Development team to resolve the same.
    7) Tracking the progress of resolution process and working with the responsible developer to get the defect resolved.
    8) Documentation of s/w could be making notes of everything and anything in the s/w development process.

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    Re: Pls explain me about this Documentation

    Thx sutnarcha can u provide me a model unit testcases

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