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Thread: for loops incrementing in pl/sql

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    Red face for loops incrementing in pl/sql

    how we increment our for loops by 2
    we can only increment by 1 which is default one.
    for eg- For i in 1..4 loop

    and also i cant be the target of assignment,
    so what if i want to increment by 2 like i+2?
    is there any solution for this..

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    Re: for loops incrementing in pl/sql

    SQL> begin
    2 for i in 1 .. 100 loop
    3 i := i + 4;
    4 end loop;
    5 end;
    6 /
    i := i + 4;
    ERROR at line 3:
    ORA-06550: line 3, column 5:
    PLS-00363: expression 'I' cannot be used as an assignment target
    ORA-06550: line 3, column 5:
    PL/SQL: Statement ignored

    You can use the loop index inside the loop, but you can not change it. If you want to loop by an increment other than one, you will have to do so programmatically as the FOR loop will only increment the index by one.

    In such cases it is better to use while.

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    Re: for loops incrementing in pl/sql

    For always increments the value by 1 only.

    if you want to do something else on increment by 2 then check the value of i. If that is divided by 2 do what ever you want.

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    Re: for loops incrementing in pl/sql

    You can use the following syntax:

    i number :=0;
    i:= i + 2;
    'do your coding here';
    exit when i:=100;

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