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Thread: Test plan

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    Test plan

    In which phase of test plan use case, test scenario, write test case & execution and bug report comes .

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    Re: Test plan

    Following is a test plan-- (a use case is desgined by a business user and a test cases is designed by a tester) so dont confuse between use case and test case.

    Test Plan Identifier:
     A unique identifier

     Summary of the items and features to be tested
     Need for and history of each item (optional)
     References to related documents such as project authorization, project plan, QA plan, configuration management plan, relevant policies, relevant standards
     References to lower level test plans

    Test Items
     Test items and their version
     Characteristics of their transmittal media
     References to related documents such as requirements specification, design specification, users guide, operations guide, installation guide
     References to bug reports related to test items
     Items which are specifically not going to be tested (optional)

    Features to be Tested
     All software features and combinations of features to be tested
     References to test-design specifications associated with each feature and combination of features

    Features Not to Be Tested ----( test cases scenarios are covered here)
     All features and significant combinations of features which will not be tested
     The reasons these features won’t be tested

     Overall approach to testing
     For each major group of features of combinations of featres, specify the approach
     Specify major activities, techniques, and tools which are to be used to test the groups
     Specify a minimum degree of comprehensiveness required
     Identify which techniques will be used to judge comprehensiveness
     Specify any additional completion criteria
     Specify techniques which are to be used to trace requirements
     Identify significant constraints on testing, such as test-item availability, testing-resource availability, and deadline

    Item Pass/Fail Criteria
     Specify the criteria to be used to determine whether each test item has passed or failed testing
    Suspension Criteria and Resumption Requirements
     Specify criteria to be used to suspend the testing activity
     Specify testing activities which must be redone when testing is resumed

    Test Deliverables -----(test cases execution, bug report are included here)
     Identify the deliverable documents: test plan, test design specifications, test case specifications, test procedure specifications, test item transmittal reports, test logs, test incident reports, test summary reports
     Identify test input and output data
     Identify test tools (optional)
    Testing Tasks
     Identify tasks necessary to prepare for and perform testing
     Identify all task interdependencies
     Identify any special skills required

    Environmental Needs
     Specify necessary and desired properties of the test environment: physical characteristics of the facilities including hardware, communications and system software, the mode of usage (i.e., stand-alone), and any other software or supplies needed
     Specify the level of security required
     Identify special test tools needed
     Identify any other testing needs
     Identify the source for all needs which are not currently available

     Identify groups responsible for managing, designing, preparing, executing, witnessing, checking and resolving
     Identify groups responsible for providing the test items identified in the Test Items section
     Identify groups responsible for providing the environmental needs identified in the Environmental Needs section

    Staffing and Training Needs
     Specify staffing needs by skill level
     Identify training options for providing necessary skills

     Specify test milestones
     Specify all item transmittal events
     Estimate time required to do each testing task
     Schedule all testing tasks and test milestones
     For each testing resource, specify its periods of use

    Risks and Contingencies
     Identify the high-risk assumptions of the test plan
     Specify contingency plans for each

     Specify the names and titles of all persons who must approve the plan
     Provide space for signatures and dates

    Hope the above plan will serve u for the purpose.


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    Re: Test plan

    thanks for sending

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